6.Two Wild Birds
Two wild birds, shooting across my sky, the long dark night and Jupiter.
I wished on that star, I could have your heart, and there they were, two wild birds.
My life's' a mystery, even to me, How I've survived without you.
The morning circles will reveal to me, How hopelessly I'm lost in love with you.
Two wild birds, it must be a sign, I have your love, but don't realize
I long to be, wild and free and have your love, come fly with me.

©Roxygen 1998.
Music, lyrics, vocals, saxophone & guitar - Candy McVeity.
Arrangement - Cathy Middleton, Candy McVeity & Conrad McMullen.
Bass - Chris Ralfs.
Drums - Simon Smith.
Engineered and mixed by John McVeity