Ooh ooh, What could make me happy? Ooh ooh,yeah hair, What could make me happy?
I tried getting a new haircut, it just didn't feel right, And fell into the same old style again.
I tried making lots of money, trying to keep it made me jumpy,
So I just had to give it all away.

I tried flying to the moon, but all the thing I knew, Were just too, too far away.
I tried to really impress ya, with my stylish behavior,
But you laughed and turned the other way.
Ooh ooh, what could make me happy?

I bought a brand new car; hey it went real fast, But I got frightened every time I took a bend.
I tried out a new lover, but I just couldn't keep her,
Cos I was missing you too much in the end.

I tried a new career, jetting there and here, But I was just too busy to breathe.
I tried a new religion got into a new scene, But God said, "That's not right my dear".
Ooh ooh what could make me happy.... is just be me.

©Roxygen 2002
Music, lyrics, vocals, keyboard & guitar - Candy McVeity.
Guitars - Conrad McMullen.
Bass - Chris Ralfs.
Drums - Simon Smith.
Engineered and mixed by John McVeity.