4.Heal this stuff
My TV transmits a need to your brain,
A need to buy crap just to pour down the drain.
That flows into the ocean and kills all the fish,
Doesn't the whole thing make you feel sick?
My cigarette smoke, it floats into your lungs,
Those uv rays, they seep into your skin.
If these things don't make you, really sick someday,
The fear will give you cancer anyway.
We need time, time, time, time to heal this stuff,
We need time, time, time, time, But have we enough?
Human nature revealed, we've really blown it this time,
No you can't share my money, cos this here is mine,
My doors are closed and my blindfolds are on,
You can't come to my party, if your colour is wrong.
You can wear your big diamonds and bleach your hair blonde,
You can go to the gym, oh just to shape up your bum.
But you don't give a damn about you sister next door,
Who's got three little kids just to find food for.
You can wear you big diamond oh and bleach your hair blonde,
You can go to the gym oh just to shape up your bum,
But what will you leave, this earth when you're gone,
Except a few twisted children, from a marriage gone wrong.

©Roxygen 1998.
Music - Candy McVeity & Chris Hopkins.
Lyrics, Vocals & Saxophone - Candy McVeity.
Guitars - Conrad McMullen.
Bass - Chris Ralfs.
Drums - Simon Smith.
Engineered and mixed by John McVeity