7.She Must Ask
She sleeps with a stranger, lives with an enemy,
Who doesn't try to save her, from a crumbling self-esteem.
Too many cups of coffee, keeping her awake,
Too many little pills, holding back the pain.

She must ask, Why's it all like this, Where did things go wrong.
Was I just too hopeful, holding out too long?
I could've changed my ways, Things would still remain,
Everything's wrong now anyway.

Little creatures are crawling, under her skin,
It's a dangerous world, she's all but living in,
The tide is on its way now, she expects to be, washed away,
Even if he came to save her, she wouldn't notice anyway.

©Roxygen 1999.
Music, lyrics, vocals, accordion - Candy McVeity.
Guitars & arrangement - Conrad McMullen
Bass - Chris Ralfs.
Drums - Simon Smith.
Engineered and mixed by John McVeity