3.The Wanting
She bore the child of a wasted man who would, take her body but not take her hand.
It wasn't what she needed; he wasn't to be her man.
She's everyone's sister, but she wants to be more, she wants to be
somebody's lover, someone's to adore, for the wanting keeps her wanting for more.
Will she ever get it right? Time will tell.
When the passion and moonbeams are out of sight,
She can scream and yell.
It may take some time but she's certain he's out there,
the fortuneteller told her, He's coming to take her,
from the hurting, keep her safe in his care.
Will he be in time to stop her hardening heart?
Will she still be able to fall in love?
Will the years alone have made her too tough,
too self reliant to rely on someone else?

© Roxygen 1998.
Music, lyrics, vocals, keyboard - Candy McVeity.
Keyboard - Cathy Middleton.
Guitars, crickets, keyboard & arrangement - Conrad McMullen.
Bass - Chris Ralfs
Drums - Simon Smith.
Engineered, arranged and mixed by John McVeity